• Lauri Apple
  • Scott Waguespack


Bill [Daley]’s been saying in public that he doesn’t know what his brother’s planning to do. In private, he’s been saying the mayor intends not to run again – because he wants more time to spend with Maggie, and the job isn’t fun anymore.

Also interesting:

Freshman Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd) said Friday he’s seriously considering running for mayor — whether or not Mayor Daley seeks a seventh term….

Waguespack would make an interesting candidate. He’s green, but that also means he has less baggage in an election where local establishment ties could be a hindrance at the polls.

Update: Earlier this year Mick Dumke ran down the list of relatively likely mayoral challengers:

Alderman Scott Waguespack, the new guy from the 32nd Ward, is much more low-key than his rookie colleagues. But his name is out there because he’s shown more independent leadership on key city issues than just about anybody we’ve got.

As Dumke points out, Waguespack would need a hell of a grassroots push because he’s hardly a favorite of party powers. Whether or not establishment dissatisfaction would have any chance of outweighing establishment, um, establishment is a fascinating question.