• Ameya Pawar has the nerve to think the city’s legislative branch is different from the executive branch.

First-term alderman Ameya Pawar is careful to emphasize that he’s not an opponent of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s. He doesn’t go around criticizing the mayor and he doesn’t want to fight with him, largely because he hasn’t had any reason to.

“Every single time I’ve had an issue, the mayor’s office has worked with me,” says Pawar, who’s voted against just two mayoral initiatives since being elected to the City Council last year.

Pawar (47th) admires how Emanuel has vowed to do all he can to shore up the city’s finances. As the mayor reminded aldermen on Wednesday: “I said we were going to change the way we look at things around here . . . to make sure taxpayers are being protected.”

Yet Pawar is still astounded that minutes after Mayor Emanuel uttered those words, his top council ally moved to kill a proposal from Pawar that would protect the taxpayers.