Seventeen years after their last album and several summers after front woman Hope Sandoval first became the unlikely fashion template for a vast number of female Urban Outfitters shoppers, psychedelic California swoon-rockers Mazzy Star have announced that their fourth LP is coming out in September. Seasons of the Day was recorded in Norway and California and features appearances by folk legend Bert Jansch and Colm Ó Cíosóig from My Bloody Valentine, another group that’s bigger now following their reunion than they ever were the first time around.

For sappy potheads who like a little vintage country twang mixed in with their dream pop, this is cause to celebrate. And it’s also a great excuse to post “Halah,” from their criminally overlooked 1990 debut album, She Hangs Brightly; along with “Fade Into You,” it’s one of the two absolutely flawless songs that the band’s recorded so far. Check it out after the jump while I start hassling publicists for an advance copy of the new one.