• El General

The Khalas Mixtape Volume One probably isn’t the best rap mix tape of the year, at least not when judged by strictly musical terms, but it’s a shoe-in for the most important one. The music contained within not only embodies and universalizes the feelings of revolutionary youth in the Middle East before and during the Arab Spring uprisings, but some of the songs—specifically El General’s “Rayes Lebled”—actually had a direct catalyzing effect on turning a free-floating mood of unrest into actual, dictator-toppling action.

Spin‘s David Peisner traveled to the Tunisian city of Sfax to meet El General, aka Hamada Ben Amor. Surprisingly, or maybe not, Ben Amor seems like a pretty normal guy, just another young Tupac fan and amateur Internet MC who almost by accident became what Peisner can justifiably call “the most dangerous rapper in the world.” A short but fascinating read.