New-school hacker journalist and new Triber Brian Boyer:

I even got ripped off completely by Tech Crunch, where fellow Medill alum Leena Rao summarized my post and completely failed to mention where she got the brilliant idea — eliciting 85 comments. Thanks for not linking!! Love!”

Southtown Star vet and blogger Athenae on the news that the AP is going to sue someone online about something or other:

“By the way, as someone who saw her leads nearly word-for-word repeated on the wire, hearing the AP canting about stealing and repurposing content is a little rich and a lot hilarious. Doc once famously described them as a ‘car theft chop-shop without the pesky ethical quandries.’ Yet now they want to lecture the Internet. I’d suggest they LURK MOAR.”

This is not meant as a defense of questionable new-media practices, only as a valuable reminder that new media – in the literal, plural-of-medium sense – are, in the way of all things, new vessels for the same old human, meatspace wine.