Mayor Rahm presides over another Meigs Field raid, er, City Council meeting.

In the dead of the night, when everyone was sleeping, the Chicago City Council, acting at Mayor Emanuel’s command, unanimously voted to take tens of millions from your dead-broke schools and spend it on the DePaul basketball arena and a hotel.

OK, so the dirty deed didn’t really happen in the dead of the night. It was sometime in the afternoon of the July 24 City Council meeting.

I got dead of the night on my mind ’cause you have to harken back to Mayor Daley’s predawn raid on Meigs Field to find a more brazen assault on the concept of democracy. No discussion. No debate. No analysis. Just do what the mayor says.

Actually, in some ways Daley’s Meigs Field raid was less troublesome than last week’s looting. At least Mayor Daley was planning to turn private land into public space.

In this case, Mayor Emanuel’s throwing away millions of public-school dollars—might as well just burn the loot.

The vote went down a little like this . . .