Melina Ausikaitis Credit: Courtesy the artist

Local artist Melina Ausikaitis is a member of Joan of Arc, but she also makes music on her own—which includes a cappella material, where she runs her poetry through idiosyncratic sing-songy ups and downs that add a chilling range of moods and emotions to her words. To create her new collaborative project, the self-released tape Aitis Music, Ausikaitis gave her raw, simple songs to nine of her prolific and talented friends, asking them to record their own takes on them. The result is a diverse collection that ranges through minimal synth, jangly indie rock, and fractured, beat-heavy electronics. The contributors on Aitis Music include local postmetal collective Bloodiest, who turn “People Pleaser” into a brutal industrial piece; Disappears front man Brian Case, who puts “Truck” through the wringer till it’s sparse and spooky; Touched by Ghoul front woman Angela Mullenhour, who adds catchy guitar to “Waiting for Guidance”; and Joan of Arc leader Tim Kinsella, who adds childlike wonder to “Twin Peaks.”

Tonight, Ausikaitis celebrates the release of Aitis Music with a show at the Empty Bottle that includes performances from a handful of the record’s artists. Joan of Arc are taking the stage with Pegboy/Naked Raygun guitarist John Haggerty in a collaboration they’re calling the Pabst Benatar Revue; the bill also features sets from members of Bloodiest (performing as Condition), Mullenhour, and Kinsella, as well as a performance by Ausikaitis, backed by Implodes member Matt Jencik and her dad, John. The show starts at 9 PM and costs $8.

You can stream Aitis Music in full below.