Jeremiah Meece of The-Drum (right)

“I feel like if I go to a place that people are actually dancing, the music is not that good—or spotty at best,” says Jeremiah Meece of Jody and The-Drum, “and if I go to a place where the music is good, nobody is dancing.”

In an attempt to bridge the gap between interesting music and party vibes, Romance producer Ethan Jared started up Cold Tech—a new monthly night at Exit that focuses on the headier side of dance music—and asked Meece to join him in the venture. Last month Cold Waves held an event in Australia and tomorrow night, Fri 12/12, will be the party’s first Chicago edition, and it’s going to feature sets from some of this city’s most cutting-edge psychedelic beatmakers, such as Meece and Jared as well as Heavee from Teklife, Yung Pharaoh, Pet Bamboo, and others. The event is free and starts up at 9 PM. Exit closes at 4 AM, so prepare to settle in for the long haul.

Meece says that Cold Tech’s goal is to make a dance night so good that, “we don’t have to just fantasize about going to a club in Berlin all the time.”

Check out a “video flyer” for Cold Tech below. The sights and sounds should give you a good idea of what this event’s vibe is all about.

COLD TECH 12.12.14 from Cold Tech on Vimeo.