Game on for the bailout, it seems. I guess that means McCain can stop suspending his campaign… oh, wait. Is he buying time to vote against it? Or just to read the three-page Paulson plan? Will the debate go on? How about the VP debate?

Notable quotables:

Haste is the state’s greatest ally, and delay is the shield of the people.

Every semester during finals week someone pulls the fire alarm just before an exam.

Are you now, or have you ever been, a Socialist? Do you know, or associate, with other Socialists?

th3R3 r n0 easy bucKeTs 0n th15 c0uRt

Update: Boehner boner? This is all so confusing. It’s like normal politics, but with insanely high stakes and done at a meth-addled speed.

Update II: This sounds kind of plausible, in re McCain voting against the bailout, actually: “This is shaping up to be a real ‘Cross of Gold’ [more; the audio is amazing] moment.” Marc Ambinder agrees. Given the sentiment on the left, right, and lots of other places, that might bring him support from both sides. And monkey-wrenching it alone might actually be a good idea just so shit will slow down. We are through the looking-glass, which Steve Chapman saw through early.