Municipal Waste
  • Municipal Waste

One of the reasons that I love thrash metal so much is that few musical styles can touch its singleminded focus on getting fucked up and fucking shit up. Thrash metal doesn’t want you to contemplate your place in the universe or really feel your feelings, it wants you to drink a rack of cheap beer and light off fireworks in your friend’s basement. It wants you to spray-paint stuff that’s not your property and then do skateboard tricks off it. Anytime you see a dude (or, with increasing frequency, a dudette) wearing a baseball cap with the brim flipped up and a ratty jean jacket with an Overkill patch on the back and you follow them they’ll eventually lead you to the most raging party in the area.

Thrash has had a pretty serious revival over the past few years, with bands like Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust making records in the 2010s that sound like they could easily have soundtracked bong-ripping sessions in the mid-80s, and a bunch of the lifers still playing in classic thrash bands attracting a whole new generation of proud burnouts. The Anthrax-headlined Metal Alliance package tour has united groups of both stripes, and it brings the rager to the House of Blues tomorrow night. Hit the jump for details and music.