Credit: John H. White/Sun-Times

Looking over Chicago magazine’s latest “Power 50“—the town’s top movers and shakers—it could be that only an old ink-stained wretch would notice what I did:

Number seven is Rocky Wirtz. He’s the liquor distributor who owns the Blackhawks. “Winning the Big One with any sports franchise confers power—and produces big profits,” explains Chicago. Wirtz’s Hawks have won three. “The team has sold out every game since 2008 and has the fourth-highest local cable TV ratings. Its merch is hotter than a Patrick Kane slap shot.”

Number 49 is where we find Michael Ferro, who owns most of the Sun-Times and just bought the biggest piece of the Tribune. “For better or worse, the fate of print journalism in this town rests largely in his hands,” says Chicago

Which still matters just enough for Ferro to get in under the wire. He’s two spots behind the city clerk.