At Huffington Post, Gioia Diliberto discusses which designers are sniping at Michelle Obama for her style choices. Truly the woman is damned whatever she does–which is why it’s so great that she obviously wears whatever the hell she wants.

A few days ago a commenter asked my opinion of Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe during her whirlwind tour of Europe. I don’t have any deep thoughts about it at the moment (although I’m drooling over the Thakoon dress she wore in Strasbourg–which recalls the tailored sheaths of Jackie Kennedy while being absolutely modern) but watching a New York Times slideshow on her various looks on the tour, I considered how quickly we forget how amazing it is to see a First Lady wearing clothes that you and I might actually want to wear and might actually be able to afford. (Do you remember any of Laura Bush’s or Hillary Clinton’s outfits? Me neither.) When you can hold your own next to someone like Carla Sarkozy, you know you’re doing OK.