Bill Zwecker, via Marcus LeShock:

Not surprisingly, the one-and-only Mike North is excited he will be ”shadowed” Dec. 9 and 10 by Max Allan Collins — author of Road to Perdition. Collins is being brought to Chicago by producer Carl Amari (”Madison”) as part of a plan for the author to script a film screenplay ”loosely” based on North’s eclectic life experiences.”

Eclectic? And how:

Take one part Streets and San worker, one part David Mamet character, one part half-drunk bullshitter sitting at the end of the bar pontificating on the Bears, and there you have Mike North.

Jobs Mike North has held: paperboy, Parks & Rec landscaper, Army MP, Mamet-trained actor, (“that was more brutal than going to regular school”), bookie’s runner, bookie/hot-dog-stand-owner (awarded “Best brownies” by Pat Bruno), radio host. He got into radio by leasing time on WXRT, $300 an hour, one hour a week, and selling his own ad slots. Then there’s the fast living, and the (thrown-out) solicitation charge, and the (thrown-out) DUI charge, and the colitis. That brings you up to 1998.

Michael G. Glab’s Reader feature on Mike North – a great read.