Fuck Knights Credit: courtesy the artist

Tonight Minneapolis-based Sir Gregory Records will celebrate a release of the third installment of their 4-Way Freakout! series, a line of releases that groups together four like-minded punk bands onto one format. This edition is a tape that features three Chicago bands: garage-pop four-piece Dumpster Babies, sleaze-punks Flesh Panthers, and surf trio the Lucks—the fourth slot is filled by Minneapolis trash-punk act Fuck Knights, which featured Sir Gregory himself in its lineup. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track comes from the Fuck Knights, “Two Kings,” a skronky, fuzzy, twisted saxophone-led tune that sounds like it’s on the verge of exploding at any moment. Fuck Knights (along with Dumpster Babies) will be at the Empty Bottle tonight for the four-way split’s release party; the lineup is rounded out by Madison punks Fire Retarded and local group Evictions. All these bands are brothers-in-arms when it comes to sloppy, drunken punk rock, so this show is sure to be a real hoot. Check out “Two Kings” below.