Blackened crust band Welkin Dusk

  • “Blackened crust” band Welkin Dusk

I sat down at my desk this morning with absolutely no desire to do anything but listen to Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band’s Live/1975-85 box set and catch up on all of Kid Mero’s #KNOWLEDGEDARTS that I’ve somehow let pile up in my RSS feed, plus maybe eat some Morningstar buffalo wings. But then of course people started sending me e-mails asking me for stuff and I needed to write e-mails back to them, and then I needed to read a bunch of music blogs to make sure that there were no news stories flipping people out that I needed to investigate and maybe blog about myself, and before I knew it I was working.

So basically it started as one of those days where you’re basically mad at the world because you don’t get to just laze about doing whatever you want whenever you want and instead have to do your job like every other adult who’s lucky enough to even have a job in this current economic climate—i.e., I was in total waahh-baby mode. But then I was looking through some concert listings and saw one for a “blackened crust” band called Welkin Dusk, and checking them out helped my mood a lot. Back in June they put out a seven-track album called Born Into a Dying World that you can download at a you-name-it price point from their Bandcamp page. It is heavy as fuck and mean and both very crusty and nicely blackened, mixing up some really great howling-Nordic-wraith vocals with the kind of sludgy heft you get from a good Amebix record. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to get their asses kicked out of feeling like a total baby.

Welkin Dusk plays October 21 at Crown Liquors opening for Perversion, who sound pretty much exactly like what you want a blackened punk band from Detroit to sound like. iCal>New Event>click-clack-click>done.