Amercia the beautiful

  • Amercia the beautiful

Typically, when someone makes a huge, embarrassing, public mistake, I feel bad for them. People make mistakes with humiliating consequences, especially me. (Let’s just say I learned the hard way in high school it’s not pronounced “a tom bomb.”) But if you’re a presidential candidate, and your campaign makes a huge mistake, that’s hard to overlook. Because, come on, you want to be president! Also, sometimes the mistake is hilarious.

Take our old friend Mitt “Mittens” Romney. Last night, the Romney campaign launched a new Web app called “With Mitt.” The app allows people to overlay Romney campaign slogans on photographs. One of the slogans: “A Better Amercia.” That’s not a typo: Amercia. And on the Internet, a typo like that, and one that’s primed to become a meme . . . well, you can see where this is going.

God bless Amercia! My favorite’s after the jump. And for more, check out this gallery at the Wall Street Journal (h/t Tim Hanrahan).