Measuring its 40-minute set time against the sheer number of blog posts and blog posts about blog posts about Lily Allen’s first show in New York, the actual concert may actually exist more on the internet than it ever did in real life. I’m still not entirely convinced that she isn’t just an animated jpeg like the one on her MySpace background, and given the sort of mild shock some of the bloggers expressed after seeing her — or claiming they have — in the flesh, I’m not alone.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a comment on a blog post that mentioned Lily Allen–the commenter said something almost exactly like, “Do people even still listen to that record?” In response to a record that was released just a couple of months ago. In England. With a domestic release that hasn’t happened yet. There was something about the way he wrote that, where you could just hear the exasperated sigh he would’ve spoken it with, and it made me know that that guy was right then and there the best person on the Internet for one fraction of a second. Which is to say pretty much the worst person in real life.