During Joe Torre’s formative years with the New York Yankees, television cameras gravitated toward him quite a bit. That happens when you manage the richest and most powerful team in baseball, one that collects American League pennants like stamps and has just as many World Series appearances as you have fingers and toes, doubled. But titles and pennants aside, one thing Torre could never accomplish during those dynasty runs was mustering enough self-awareness to take his finger out of his nose. Regular shots into the dugout during an ALCS or World Series found the now-retired Torre digging for something, anything. Fox got so good at catching him in the act, it got me wondering if the network had assigned a cameraman solely to Torre booger patrol (not terribly unlike the Tebow cam from the 2010 Sugar Bowl).

While you and I likely see Torre’s nose picks as quirky, funny asides, helping us maybe poke fun at the Yankees just a little more—I’m actually having a pretty good time with it right now, just two days removed from the team’s ALDS defeat to the Tigers—Mocksession.com founder, Tim Burke, has been collecting and curating sports oddities like these since 2006. His screen grabs, video clips, and animated GIFs catch athletes, managers, and spectators in uncompromising positions, or just weirdo moments that Burke finds strangely amusing.