If this doesn’t immediately warm your heart, you are not a geek. Jennifer Ouelette of Cocktail Party Physics on why she’s engaged to fellow blogger Sean Carroll: “Let’s just say that the man has his very own bag of plush plagues, stuffed toys that represent the biblical ten plagues of Egypt.”

The media’s wild ride continues: “It will require only a slight shift in the economic model for the [Thomas] Friedmans of the world to realize that they don’t need the newspapers they work for. Read the whole thing by Michael Hirschorn in the Atlantic (brief ad viewing required; hat tip to Kiki).

Northwestern University law professor James Lindgren analyzes General Social Survey data and finds a trend among less sophisticated, or less scrupulous, conservatives: “Those who express less tolerance for unpopular groups tend to favor income redistribution and oppose capitalism.”  Abstract here, discussion here.

Last rites for VHS, performed by Ed Darrell at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub, who learned of the death from Variety. The Dead Media Project saw it coming. 

Do you hate apostrpophe mis’use more than fingernails on a blackboard, but can’t stop seeing it? Then you’ll “enjoy” this collection at Give, Get, Take, and Have (via Boing Boing), which also showcases misspellings and “quotation mark” abuse.

Football maps showing which NFL game is on where, and why, here. (Hat tip to The Map Room.)