Dutch Baroque painter Gabriel Metsus The Sleeping Sportsman
  • Gabriel Metsu’s The Sleeping Sportsman

I recently read an eye-opening Atlantic piece about the myriad ways retailers try to sucker you on Black Friday and the many shopping-focused pseudoevents thereafter. One of its central precepts was to beware of “free” (ever add a superfluous item to your Amazon order just to get the free shipping?). That warning out of the way, I bring you tidings of a bona fide freebie an event with free admission if nothing else. Tomorrow night the partners behind the forthcoming Sportsman’s Club will host a pop-up event at Trenchermen featuring stiff drinks and game.

That’s “game” as in what a sportsman might land, here in the form of game-centered bites from Trenchermen executive chef/partner Pat Sheerin. They’ll be designed for pairing with a couple of seasonal cocktails ($11) from Sportsman’s managing partners, Wade McElroy (ditto Trenchermen) and Jeff Donahue (the Aviary, Barrelhouse Flat). The Sportsman is a stirred drink with bourbon, amaro, sherry, and absinthe, the Grizzly King a twist on the pisco sour. Amaro will also be available on draft in blended form from the Sportsman’s amaro machine—maybe something like the Parson’s negroni machine?*

The Sportsman’s Club is a rehaul of the old Polish dive of the same name, a block down from the Empty Bottle on the Humboldt Park side of Western. The latest project from Heisler Hospitality (i.e., Matt Eisler and Kevin Heisner)— hard on the heels of the Revel Room and Lone Wolf—its design is meant to evoke a hunting lodge. It’s slated to open in the next few weeks.

In the meantime: free food and drinks Sportsman’s Club pops up at Trenchermen on Monday, December 2, from 8 to 11 PM.

* Speaking of the negroni, McElroy’s pal Austin Skiles of Lone Wolf made a mean one, the Mezcal Negrossni, for the latest Cocktail Challenge, a remarkable achievement considering that he was working with potted meat, arguably the most disgusting of the many disgusting things made with mechanically separated chicken. Next up is McElroy himself, working with another noxious foodstuff, truffle oil.

Trenchermen, 2039 W. North, 773-661-1540, trenchermen.com

This post has been emended to reflect that, while the pop-up event is open to the public, food and drinks are not complimentary.