• Oval (aka Markus Popp)

The annual Adventures in Modern Music festival, presented by British music magazine the Wire and the Empty Bottle, is in full swing through Sunday night. The Reader has a handy sidebar, and Jessica Hopper wrote about tonight’s set by Peaking Lights, a dubby Madison duo who recently decamped to LA—but of course there’s more. Headlining that Peaking Lights show at the Museum of Contemporary Art is Oval (aka the longtime solo project of German electronic musician Markus Popp). Oval was sort of involved in last year’s event too, when AiMM joined forces with the Sonar Festival, but tonight’s show promises different material than he presented last September at the Cultural Center. He’ll be playing music from a split LP with Brooklyn’s Liturgy that Thrill Jockey released earlier this year, as well as material from the forthcoming German release OvalDNA, a CD and CD-ROM collection of hard-to-find and previously unreleased tracks spanning 1993-2010 (mostly either immediately before or after the work on last year’s O). Popp will also revisit pieces from O, but this time around he’ll add beats.