Ground Lift Media’s beat-maker showcase, Face Melt, will reach its lucky 13th installment at Subterranean on February 24. In keeping with their usual MO, the Face Melt crew have released yet another compilation of instrumentals by local producers from the more experimental corners of Chicago hip-hop, who together form a slightly less whimsical and more pragmatic companion to the Low End Theory scene out in medical-marijuana-giddy Los Angeles. Just like last time, downloading the Face Melt comp for free via Bandcamp will get you free admission to the showcase, which will include some of the featured artists. One of them is Void Pedal, who I like quite a bit.

Ground Lift will present another event slightly sooner: Saturday, February 18, is the latest Chicago installment of the annual Dre Day celebration, which with every passing year comes ever closer to federal recognition. Or at least I hope that’s the case.