Wall Street Journal baseball writer and local blogger Tim Marchman found a series of pictures of Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown’s pitching motion, and a reader turned it into a YouTube flipbook. As Marchman says, “this justifies the Internet.” The loosey-goosey windup is pretty familiar from old pitching motions, but his arm action is amazing.

Marchman’s a good writer, and I spent too much time last night reading him when I should have been sleeping. I like his defense of Scott Boras, and his list of slept-on sports books is intriguing. I also agree that, at this point, a Chris Ware feature movie is necessary.


The best thing I read on the Internet this month, Harry Hutton’s Helleresque observation on the British surveillance state:

“‘Please report any suspicious behaviour to a member of staff.'” Whenever I see one of their members of staff I take him to one side and whisper that some fucker keeps filming me. And you have to admit that’s suspicious.”


zunguzungu interprets Star Trek as a reconciliation between Bush and Obama (h/t Donkey Hottie).


Per Steve Johnson in comments, my Maria Bamford will do a three-night stand at the Lakeshore Theater in August. Another thing that’s been keeping me from work/sleep is her one-woman I-think-quasi-autobiographical Web serial The Maria Bamford Show.