• Deer Sweatshirt

In this week’s print edition I wrote about Colleen Plumb’s show “Animals Are Outside Today,” a collection of photos about people’s evolving reliance—both practical and aesthetic—on animals. In her artist’s statement, Plumb writes, “Our connection to animals today is often developed through assimilation and appropriation; we absorb them into our lives, yet we no longer know of their origin. Most people are cut off from the steps involved in witnessing their death and decay. This series moves within these contradictions, always questioning if the notion of the sacred, and the primal connection to Nature that animals convey and inspire, will survive alongside our evolution.”

Another artist featured not long ago in the Reader, Rebecca Beachy, also sought to highlight some subtleties in human-fauna affairs; she did this by means of, among other things, grinding up a roadkill deer and using the powder to fill cracks in a road. Plumb’s work is less conceptual, and her photos are often funny, sometimes gloomy, and always lovely in their composition. The picture we ran in the paper is above, and I’ve included a few more after the jump—check ’em out. There’s also a whole bunch on Plumb’s website.