The Chicago Tribune’s 2-part series on families moving ever farther out from the city had a nice conceit — watching how people cycle through an inner-suburban Berwyn bungalow and where they go afterward. But with all the talk about looking for the right shops in exurban Yorkville, there was little said about the tradeoff of more driving (to work and everywhere else) involved in spreading out so far. And nary a mention of the Center for Neighborhood Technology‘s ongoing work on a housing + transportation index, which will allow people to check suburban and exurban “affordability” more realistically by factoring transportation costs into the decision on where or whether to move. (In addition to what’s on CNT’s Web site, a user-friendly version of the index is expected to be out by July.)

Keep in mind, of course, that CNT’s no fan of “sprawl.” But why does the local paper of record need to be?