• The Third Turd

About a month ago local metal trio Oozing Wound unleashed their thrash masterpiece Retrash on Thrill Jockey, and if you’re like me, its brief 30 minutes probably left you wanting more. Luckily the band has just gifted us with exactly that: 30 more minutes of music. The Third Turd—their third release—is a cassette sequenced and compiled by bassist Kevin Cribbin that collects both practice space demos dating back to the band’s very beginning and a whole bunch of clips from Rambo movies. And of course, the combination of one of Chicago’s most brutal acts and absurd dialogue from outrageously violent action films winds up pairing perfectly. Originally released on drummer Kyle Reynolds’s Rotted Tooth Recordings as an edition of only 47, the tape was pieced together for the band’s recent tour supporting Retrash, and up until yesterday, the owners of the first edition were the only ones who’d heard the thing. The actual songs on The Third Turd are phenomenal: less thrashy than Retrash or the band’s first tape Vape & Pillage, they’re mostly repetitive, pummeling riffs, repeated to a dizzying end. While these are obviously ideas that became the foundation for the band’s signature sound, they actually have more in common with Reynolds and guitarist Zack Weil’s former band Cacaw, which specialized in redundant, bad-vibes dirge. You can stream the tape in its entirety after the jump.