Uncle Bob Credit: Terri Nelles

In late summer 2014, Dayton lo-fi kings Guided by Voices called it quits, bringing a sudden end to their four-year, six-album reunion run. But as any faithful follower of GBV and their fearless leader, Robert Pollard, could tell you, it’s gonna take more than the demise of Pollard’s main creative outlet of more than 30 years to keep him down. He’s been putting out records nonstop ever since, not just under his own name but also with a variety of other projects, among them Teenage Guitar, Ricked Wicky, and Circus Devils—and they’ve all been good.

Yesterday Pollard announced the upcoming release of yet another solo album, Of Course You Are, out in March via Fire Records. The lead single, “My Daughter Yes She Knows,” is also today’s 12 O’Clock Track. Compared to most of the heady pop Pollard has cranked out in the past, the song is a bit pushier and leans more on chunky guitar riffs, but the outrageous vocal melody is the sort of thing he does best: warm, eerie, triumphant, and heartbreaking all at once. Will this guy ever put out a bad record? I’m thinking no. You can hear the two and a half minutes of perfection that is “My Daughter Yes She Knows” below, and if you’re anything like me you’ll have listened to it 40 times before the day is over.