• This record is worth almost $300

As you might’ve read in this week’s Three Beats, local far-out art-rockers Ono, awakened from dormancy in 2007 by Steve “Plastic Crimewave” Krakow, are about to release their first record in 26 years. Ono’s resurgence and high profile in the local scene over the past few years has increased demand not just for new recordings from the band but also for their hard-to-find old stuff, which has resulted in their out-of-print debut, 1983’s Machines That Kill People (Thermidor), going for an outrageous sum on eBay. But there’s good news, Ono heads! You no longer need to be part of the 1 percent to own a copy of this sought-after classic. Krakow, with the help of local (mostly) tape label Priority Male and a grant from nonprofit State of the Arts Chicago, is reissuing the landmark record.