Joe Mande
  • Comedian Joe Mande, taking one for the team in New Jersey

Recently it occurred to me that juggalos and scene kids are basically two sides of the same coin. Sure, one side worships bad rap music about “women are bitches and I want to stab things with a knife,” and the other worships bad rap music about “women are sluts and I want to get twisted on Four Loko,” but at bottom both are just a bunch of arrested adolescents (or actual adolescents, in many cases) who feel super passionate about toxic music and elaborate ways of dressing like a complete asshole.

Which is good, because we need a new youth subculture to mock in 2011. Though 2010 was clearly the Year of Making Fun of the Juggalo, the capacity to find juggalos ironically hilarious is a finite resource, and our national reserves are running low. I nominate scene kids, who combine everything we love/hate about juggalos (shit music, overt sexism and homophobia, maniacal self-absorption rebranded as a “movement”) but have somehow even more ridiculous hairstyles and bands.

As a primer you should definitely look up every Brokencyde video and hit up the archives at Stuff You Will Hate. You might also want to check out Videogum for an account by comedian Joe Mande of attending a six-band scene show in South Hackensack, New Jersey, headlined by Brokencyde and walking worst-case scenarios of third-wave feminism the Millionaires.

Let’s get this rolling.