I like that at this time of year publications tend to look back on the year and the city through a lens. My favorite issue of the year to post, 1,000 Words, is up; it has at least four extremely funny pictures. But it’s not just the Reader; there are a lot of good things to look at.

* Chicagoist is posting photos from the vault of Art Shay every week.

* One of my favorite local photographers, David Schalliol, posted his favorite personal pics on his blog.

* It’s practically Vivian Meier month in Chicago: Chicago Magazine has a profile of her unusual story; there’s a mostly-funded Kickstarter campaign for a documentary about her; and she was on Chicago Tonight as well. Vivian Meier: on my list of “crushes from the past.”

* The Tribune published its (106!) photos of the year; the closeup of Daley is my favorite, and the one of Obama’s Memorial Day address is spectacular. One suggestion: run them bigger! (One reason 1,000 Words is my favorite issue to post: an excuse to run pics 800px wide.)

* Regular Reader contributor Robert Loerzel (author of one of my favorite cover stories this year) posted a twopart series of his favorite concert pics of the year, some of which appeared in the Reader‘s concert photo series.