Eli Keszler/Keith Fullerton Whitman split LP

  • Eli Keszler/Keith Fullerton Whitman split LP

This week I wrote a preview for Saturday’s Lampo performance by Boston experimental musician Keith Fullerton Whitman. I discussed his excellent album Generators (Editions Mego), but that’s not the only fine new release Whitman has out: a split album with New York percussionist Eli Keszler is due from the great NNA Tapes label on April 3. The four pieces by Keszler cover a lot of ground, from hydroplaning, high-pitched drones on “Bowed Crotales, Snare Drum” (each piece is named for the instruments he played) to frenetic, free-jazz-like chaos on “Drums, Crotales, Installed Motors, Micro-Controller Metal Plates,” which you can hear below.