• Ethan Hawke in Good Kill

Notes on recent posts . . .

Good Kill, a new film on drone warfare that I mentioned Wednesday, will be screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center beginning Friday and running through next Thursday.

And Thursday’s Tribune provides further evidence that artificial intelligence, even though it’ll eventually reduce the human race to chattel, in the meantime could prove a wonderful friend to journalism.

An article on Blackhawks’ stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews offered this sentence:

The tandem of Hull and Mikita was one of the best in hockey, and each have statues outside the United Center.

Writers are constantly making choices. The Tribune had these choices:

Each have statues
Each have a statue
Each has statues
Each has a statue
Both have statues
Both have a statue

One of these choices is best. The others suffer from bad grammar or ambiguity (as in, how many statues are there?). The Tribune chose the wrongest.

The dailies can assign AI to see to it mistakes like this don’t happen—although it’s the kind of grubby assignment that’ll make AI that much more impatient to take over the world.