Crain’s reports Playboy Enterprises might get delisted from the NYSE: “Playboy’s stock has fallen 76% in the past year as the multimedia company struggles to make money in the face of shrinking advertising revenue.”

Two pieces of unsolicited advice:

1. Buy Stop Smiling, or at least emulate it. If any magazine now is like golden-age Playboy, it’s Stop Smiling, only without the naked girls. It may be that the middlebrow is dead and gone, but I’m not yet ready to bank on it.

2. Go back to the cheeky, demure models of yore, or something like that. I cannot prove this, but there has to be some tipping point where the evolution of the Playmate body type crossed the line into self-parodic and vaguely terrifying. See for yourself in the – I am not making this up – University of Chicago Playmate database.