I believe that all of the following took buyouts: Vanessa Bauza, Joe Sjostrom, Jack Pointer, Therese Kwiatkowski, Barbara Rose, Richard Phillips, Kirsten Scharnberg, David Mendell, Dan Gibbard, Ernie Torriero, Wendy White, Hung Vu, Marsha Peters, Brenda Kilianski, Barry Temkin, Alan Sutton, Mark Sharpiro Shapiro, Heather Stone, John Schmeltzer, and Glenn Jeffers. Another considerable loss was that of Nannette Smith, longtime secretary in the features department.

“The Seeker,” the blog of Tribune religion writer Manya Brachear, offers the additional name of Nancy Stuermer. Brachear reflects on the layoffs, and she’s asked prominent Chicago clergy to speak to “the victims and the vulnerable and the insecure” (Martin Marty’s phrase) about the “rupture in self-definition” — as Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus puts it — they have just experienced. Having gone through the experience once myself at the Sun-Times, I salute the rabbi on her language.

Of the above former Tribune journalists I’m going to single out Kirsten Scharnberg. A friend who admires her sent me a link to this story about her written a few years ago for her alma mater. As you’ll see, she was embedded with the 101st Airborne during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. “Wouldn’t even trade a hot shower for it,” she said during the assignment.