Ann Marie Lipinski resigns from her post as Trib editor; meanwhile, Variety reports that the TribCo powers are trying to push out David Hiller, LA Times (and former Trib) publisher.

In clearly much more important journalism news, the New Yorker ran an unfunny satirical cover, and people are pissed because… I dunno. They aren’t offended because it was just actively, sub-Tonight Show-monologue unfunny, which they’d have every right to be. At least this might rid the NY‘er of Barry Blitt, who has a history of unfunny satirical Oval Office cover illustrations.

Update: Wow, everyone took their indignant pills today. Unless, of course, you read bloggers, who are largely unimpressed. TPM has nothing that I can find. Maybe that’s because some of these deeply unserious bloggers know from satire.