Charles Kellogg Brochure Text

“Mr. Kellogg will sing to an enormous ordinary flame of fire and it will become a Bunsen flame, a phenomenon inexplicable to scientists.”

Fat corpses problem at morgues —

“Because many bodies are too big for morgue drawers, the company now manufactures them in wider sizes.”

A bathrobe emblazoned with the name of U.S. President George W. Bush is seen in a suite at the King David Hotel where he will be staying, in Jerusale | Photo – Yahoo! News UK

What the hell is it with that dude and embroidered clothes?

Jerusalem lights to go out so Bush can enjoy sunrise – Yahoo! News UK

“Awaiting Bush at his King David suite — reportedly costing 2,600 dollars a night — will be a white terry bathrobe embroidered with his name in gold, local media have reported.” File under “ignorants abroad.”




Russian outsider art

Stay Free! Daily: Interview with Leslie Savan on pop language

“You mentioned that the strongest influence on pop is black American vernacular. Why is that?”