So if black dudes who are into indie rock are called “blipsters” — and I’ll just reiterate Peter’s “ugh” on this one — does that mean that Jay-Z and Kanye are “blemo” for liking Fall Out Boy? (And is someone going to come up with a good term for white pop-punk/emo dudes who somehow think they’re gangsta? “Wanksta” has already been taken.) I know Kanye likes Maroon 5, so he’ll probably like the new Fall Out Boy, which sounds exactly like Maroon 5 for reasons I have little hope of ever understanding. But I wonder if they’ve dug deep enough into it to start fucking with all of the FOB tribute compilations out there. I can imagine Jay-Z kicking it by the fireplace with some computer chess and The String Quartet Tribute to Fall Out Boy, or Kanye taking some new MySpace webcam shots with the Fall Out Boy Piano Tribute cd on in the background for, like, mood before going to work on the new Young Joc remix, “Meet Me at the Mall (Specifically at Hot Topic Where Our Two-T-Shirts-for-Twenty-Dollars Sale Is Goin’ Down).”