On the rare days that it’s updated, Gabe Said “We’re Into Movements” is far and away the best hip-hop blog on the blogoweb.com. Oh Word describes it as being “actually too next level to follow at times,” which I would have to agree with, but GSWIM’s dizzyingly abstract epistles usually pay off with some deep insight into the nature of the rap game. Plus they’re hilarious.

The latest entry, “Go Now, Brother,” breaks away from the usual future-level snaps for an elegiac but funny portrait of Stack Bundles, the third-string Dipset affiliate who was gunned down near his home in Far Rockaway, Queens on Monday. A lot of commentary on Stack’s murder has worked in some not-too-subtle digs on his lack of commercial success, which the Gabe Said post acknowledges but also embraces. It’s sad, kinda goofy, and reads like Joan Didion on assignment for Ego Trip