• Ingredients of champions

Moving is a great time to take stock of what you own. Personally, I like to sort through everything, set aside the stuff that I haven’t so much as looked at in five years, and then decide that yes, I need to keep all of it—especially the old license plates to my car and the pieces of a broken plate I haven’t gotten around to fixing in the last six months but definitely will get to right after I move. I do have my limits, though. There are certain things even I won’t move from one place to another, including mostly empty bottles of liquor.

This tends to be stuff I don’t really like, which is why it’s been sitting on the shelf for so long in the first place. In this case I was dealing with Absolut Mandarin, Qino One raspberry vodka, Karlsson’s Gold vodka, and Camarena silver tequila. Actually, I love Camarena tequila (I just hadn’t gotten around to finishing the bottle), and Karlsson’s is pretty good for vodka. Absolut Mandarin, on the other hand, is pretty bad, and I’d like to clarify that I didn’t buy it—a friend left it at my apartment for some reason. I figured that the best way to get rid of it all would be to make cocktails to drink while I packed.