• Erich Ferdinand
  • Humor

Let’s check in on our new corporate patrons, Sun-Times Media, and the Sun-Times‘s new weekday feature, the Daily Splash. The Splash, which debuted yesterday, features a rotating cast of 30 celebrities weighing in on the day’s issues—the celebs average out to about, say, B+ list, but OK, there’s also Rahm Emanuel. (I see your Emanuel and offer you Jenny McCarthy, who believes that childhood vaccinations cause autism, and Pete Wentz, who is Pete Wentz.) In yesterday’s inaugural, Gary Sinise, of Forrest Gump and some other movies, paid anodyne tribute to veterans. Today’s columnist is Jim Belushi, with whom corporate honcho Michael Ferro conceived of the Splash. The two men were at dinner together, writes Splash editor and columnist Susanna Negovan: “Brad suggested that Jim write a column, and Jim jokingly replied, ‘Sure!'” Oh god, but then it wasn’t a joke anymore.