• Detail from Guard, Matt Metzger

Last year artist Matt Metzger spent a lot of time driving on I-90/94. He took note of the 18-wheelers in front of him. It was winter, and the trucks’ mud flaps, those that hang over the enormous wheels, had collected salt lines and cakes of wet dirt.

This Friday Metzger will exhibit his painting series based on the mud flaps as part of his show “Backdrop” at Tony Wight Gallery. His five Guard paintings offer a meticulous, in-depth look at mud flap surfaces. “I am interested in the way perspective gets altered by context. Mud flaps accrue their marks and so do paintings. The process is similar. In some ways, painting the mud flaps becomes a reenactment.”

Guard not only reflects Metzger’s experience of the mud flaps but also a deeper meaning behind their worn and torn usage. The marks produced on truck wheels are the result of moving commodities across the country, so, in some ways, Metzger’s source material is the result of the commodification of art.

Fri 4/20, 6-8 PM, Tony Wight Gallery, 845 W. Washington.