• Thomas Delany Jr./Sun-Times
  • Bruce Rauner wants to get rid of duplicitous teachers’ union bosses and the knuckleheads in Springfield.

Bruce Rauner knew they’d start smearing him just as soon as he took a step toward the governor’s race. He realized it could get personal, with trivial matters being blown out of proportion. So the recent headline in Crain’s Chicago Business—”Bruce Rauner clouted kid into Payton high school, sources say”—couldn’t have surprised him.

Rauner has shrugged off the story. His opponents are just trying to derail him, he said. “Frankly, I scare politicians in both parties,” he told the Sun-Times.

The 56-year-old Republican has never run for office, but he has money and connections. He’s a multimillionaire venture capitalist who’s good buddies with many pols, including Rahm Emanuel.

The election isn’t until November 2014, but the primaries are only ten months away. Rauner’s not quite in the race yet; for now, he’s only a candidate to be a candidate. In February, he set up an “exploratory committee.”