• Patient Sounds
  • どうか Please Can You Keep My Secret

If public radio played any role in your childhood, listening to Mukqs’s new tape might feel like crawling into a memory cocoon. Half podcast sample, half guitar drone, どうか Please Can You Keep My Secret—the latest release from Max Allison of local experimental group Good Willsmith—rustles up NPR debris to simulate the feeling of hearing something at a young age that you’re not yet meant to understand.

Each side of Secret was recorded live directly to tape in one take, so the tracks have an intuitive, improvisational feel. The first session, “News Talk For Partners,” which was recorded in 2012, builds off of a contextless broadcast about the growing infrastructure of the Internet. Despite its subject matter, the recording manages to be much more soothing than stressful. “Let’s Guts,” the second side, was recorded eight months later in June 2013. It’s a web of erratic noise that slowly unravels throughout its 17 minutes, a counterbalance to the first side’s regular rhythms.

Allison and the rest of Good Willsmith play the Hideout this Saturday, November 8. Listen to どうか Please Can You Keep My Secret, which is out now on Patient Sounds, in full below.