Given the underground dance music scene’s constantly plugged-in nature (where you can export a song from the software you used to build it straight to your SoundCloud), its insatiable hunger for novelty, and the fact that so many of the producers and consumers within it are tastemakers (or at least consider themselves such) susceptible to on-to-the-next-one-ism, pretty much every calendar year some sonic trend is born that within months is completely exhausted by mediocre coolhunting producers and DJs (and embarrassingly passe by the time we start shopping for next year’s kitten calendar). For 2012 this trend is “trap” music, the bombastic synthesizer-heavy rap sound that’s been percolating up from the south for the past few years and that may have reached its apotheosis in the quasi-operatic work of production wunderkind Lex Luger.