In a downright bizarre twist, as we were leaving, we found the most impressive, interactive, engaging piece of technology at the MSI in a bathroom.

Mike Doyle, aka Chicago Carless, visits the Museum of Science and Industry and comes away most impressed by the hand dryers. On one hand, he’s got a point–the MSI is a hodgepodge of dated, commonplace, or just weird exhibits that can feel like stepping into a 20th-century educational film: “Brush your teeth and top it off with a nice minty stick of chewing gum. And remember to thank the petroleum industry while you’re at it!” (Will do!) On the other hand, it’s a museum, and perhaps there’s something to be said for letting it turn into an attic for the fading American industrial dream’s dead tech.

More interesting stuff from Chicago Carless: I’d missed that Cheryl Reed, until recently the Sun-Times editorial page editor, got into a spat with Doyle on his blog.