Got any pics of your nipples you’re not using? Local grunge-garage skanks Mushroom Murder Mob want them. Guitarist Matt Frillmann just e-mailed this highly personal request (“please send us a close up shot of your nipps”) to every single music outlet in the city, and I’m passing it along as a public service. The pics will be used for an upcoming album cover, and as he puts it: “If your nipple makes you get a FREE CD!!!!!!”

Though I’m sorely tempted, I won’t post Frillmann’s e-mail address here–I’m perfectly aware of what happens to e-mail addresses in searchable blog posts, and I’m not sure he deserves that, even for neglecting to use “Bcc:” on his own message. If you actually want to send a band a photo of your nipples over the Internet, I’m sure you already have a MySpace account–just message the band through their page.