Alonzo Jackson, one of the half-dozen emerging designers chosen earlier this year to participate in Macy’s Fashion Incubator program (which provides designers with office and production space to help them jump-start their businesses) is leaving the program due to the “enormous success”of Fashion Geek, his line of printed tees, hoodies, and bags. Taking his spot will be Anna Hovet, who was chosen by Reader readers as the best local designer earlier this year. Hovet attended the School of the Art Institute and worked for Akira as a stylist and fashion show coordinator while still in school.

Hovet’s work is impressive and intriguing, but her substitution for Jackson highlights the lack of local designers working (exclusively at least) in menswear. I hope there’s some SAIC or Columbia College students out there somewhere thinking up original (and wearable) interpretations of suits, pants, button-downs, and other staples of guys’ closets, but it seems that most are drawn to the greater creative possibilities of women’s clothing and accessories. You can’t really blame them–but there’s an opportunity there for somebody.