This advice column at the Morning News about how to find a drummer for your band seems like a joke. In fact, every word is truth.

[H]ere is the perfect Craigslist ad for finding a drummer for any rock and roll band:

Wanted: Good-running, 1991 Ford Econoline E150 Van, 100,000+ miles, interior lights throughout, drapes and blinds, wood trim, full-size bed, four captain’s chairs, home-built table in it.

The guy who owns that van is your drummer.

That actually works. It is not a joke. One of the best drummers I ever worked with also owned one of the most kick-ass vans I’ve ever ridden in. Coincidence? I doubt it. He also drank way too much and one time I watched him eat a live beetle for absolutely no reason, which in some way also says a lot about his qualities as a drummer.

As for the rest of the column, I’m not sure that Echo and the Bunnymen’s drummer was “either nonexistent, dead, or the singer in Haircut 100 on all the Haircut 100 records except for the one that was popular,” but I plan on checking that out on Wikipedia as soon as I’m done looking up hints for Beautiful Katamari