I’m still not real sure how interested regular people are in the Muxtape service, but I know that Internet nerds are eating it up. I didn’t actually realize how much they’re digging it until I ran across Wired’s Muxtape guide and its comments section. Apparently there is not only a tumblelog of Muxtape recommendations up now but also a Muxtape search engine and a script for making those streaming song files downloadable. The latter two could theoretically be combined to turn Muxtape into another Elbo.ws/Hype Machine-style MP3-stealer, except that the search engine doesn’t seem to 100 percent work. Still, the amount of tinkering already going on gives the impression that the site will be around for much longer than it’ll take for us to get burned out on our AIM buddies spamming us with their awesome new mixes. (Mine is–ahem–here.)