You youngsters might not remember, but before blogging people tried to make a go of Web magazines. Salon, Slate, and the Morning News still remain, while the ones that made me fall in love with the Internet, Suck and Feed, are long since gone.

Chicago went through a Web mag boomlet a few years ago, and we made some good-looking publications. No East, featuring a bunch of Gapers Block contributors, published only three times, but it’s still one of the most attractive Web zines I’ve ever seen. The more straightforward Sixosix lasted through 12 issues over a year before its editors dispersed; their profile of the Iraqi blogger Riverbend (now in exile) is worth a read. Also of note: the Modernist, Pomposity!. Gapers Block’s Found on the Web archive is a great resource of the city’s Internet marginalia, particularly if you start from the beginning.